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42cm x 42 cmEDITION OF 5

€ 100

This print was the instigator of the raster tests. When I wanted to print this analog version of my CGI Circles, the first run had tons of very extreme and illogical moire and a bad translation to paper in terms of contrast and smoothness of the colour tones. After weeks of printing tests (check out the Rastertests in the shop), I was really stoked that I finally figured out the perfect recipe for my raster!
It was a great exploration for me to translate the CGI illustration to a screen print, since this design had a lot more details as the previous ones and I really wanted to do a 2-colour print. Normally I really love monotone colour schemes, but I really like how this 2-coloured print turned out.

Printed on A2 250 g/m2 Biotop paper at Kapitaal, Utrecht.

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Rutger Paulusse

I’m an imagemaker.

I play and experiment with graphic shapes, soft textures, light and space resulting in a surreal and playful universe of my own. The relation ship between digital, CGI, and analog, screen printing lead the way in the creative process of my visual explorations.
The results end up as digital art for illustrations, animations and visuals. They also end up in the physical & analog world as products such as sculptures and silk screen prints.

for Much Amsterdam I work on creative advertising projects, collaborating with a network of Illustrators, 3D & CGI artists, motion designers and experience designers, where I take on many roles. From Project manager, artist manager to producer.

I'm stoked that I collaborated with brands like:
Reebok, Facebook, Oreo, BMW Group, ING, Tommy Hilfiger, Klarna, Ford, Citroën, Kia, ESPN, Adyen, Praxis, KPN, TomTom, Ziggo, KLM, NS, ID&T, Spinawards, Effie Awards & ADCN.
While working with these awesome agencies:
Hornet, The Mill, Ustwo, JWT, Achtung! McGarryBowen, N=5, FHV BBDO, Ogilvy, TBWA, VBAT, Etcetera, Havas Worldwide Amsterdam & Designbridge.

With MUCH Amsterdam I managed projects in collaboration with great CGI artist for brands such as Apple, Adidas, United Airlines & Wired.

Talks -
May 2018 - BNO Image Lab, Rotterdam (NL)
Nov 2018 - Designyatra, Goa (IND)
May 2019 - Offf, Barcelona (ESP)


Call me - +31 6 14 31 81 67
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