Rutger Paulusse


I was invited by Thom Pfister to take part in a self initiated project in which he would create a magazine. Thom invited talented artists, photographers and designers to create content for this magazine which had the very simple, but very fun topic; Mediterranean Flowers.There was no briefing, one was free to do whatever he or she wanted to.

After exploring composition, shapes, colour and textures in mediterranean flowers, some beautiful chalices stood out. Stylising and playing around with these shapes the overall essence of these chalices was caught in a simple bowl shape. Intrigued by the transparency and the way light travelled through the leaves, the materials were developed using textures where light scatters underneath the surface of the objects. All of this results in a collection of abstract objects, that lives in a surreal world where geometric shapes are at the base of all & everything.

Rutger Paulusse

I’m an imagemaker.

I play and experiment with graphic shapes, soft textures, light and space resulting in a surreal and playful universe of my own. The relation ship between digital, CGI, and analog, screen printing lead the way in the creative process of my visual explorations.
The results end up as digital art for illustrations, animations and visuals. They also end up in the physical & analog world as products such as sculptures and silk screen prints.

for Much Amsterdam I work on creative advertising projects, collaborating with a network of Illustrators, 3D & CGI artists, motion designers and experience designers, where I take on many roles. From Project manager, artist manager to producer.

I'm stoked that I collaborated with brands like:
Reebok, Facebook, Oreo, BMW Group, ING, Tommy Hilfiger, Klarna, Ford, Citroën, Kia, ESPN, Adyen, Praxis, KPN, TomTom, Ziggo, KLM, NS, ID&T, Spinawards, Effie Awards & ADCN.
While working with these awesome agencies:
Hornet, The Mill, Ustwo, JWT, Achtung! McGarryBowen, N=5, FHV BBDO, Ogilvy, TBWA, VBAT, Etcetera, Havas Worldwide Amsterdam & Designbridge.

With MUCH Amsterdam I managed projects in collaboration with great CGI artist for brands such as Apple, Adidas, United Airlines & Wired.

Talks -
May 2018 - BNO Image Lab, Rotterdam (NL)
Nov 2018 - Designyatra, Goa (IND)
May 2019 - Offf, Barcelona (ESP)


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