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This print was the instigator of the raster tests. When I wanted to print this analog version of my CGI Circles, the first run had tons of very extreme and illogical moire and a bad translation to paper in terms of contrast and smoothness of the colour tones. After weeks of printing tests (check out the Rastertests in the shop), I was really stoked that I finally figured out the perfect recipe for my raster!
It was a great exploration for me to translate the CGI illustration to a screen print, since this design had a lot more details as the previous ones and I really wanted to do a 2-colour print. Normally I really love monotone colour schemes, but I really like how this 2-coloured print turned out.
Screen printed on 420mm x 420mm 250 g/m2 Biotop paper
Edition of 7
Shipping within 3 days - Price is excluding shipping costs and frame