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Various Colors

After my first round of screen prints, I had a new design in mind. Little did I know that this new design was the starting point for an extensive round of tests and experiments. I ran into a lot of issues during my first try of this new design. I had a very extreme and illogical moire and a very dissatisfactory translation to paper in terms of contrast and smoothness of the colour tones.
I decided to print some tests to investigate and explore these issues. I started doing a bunch of prints where I played around with the lpi (lines per inch) and degrees of the rasters. This resulted in these screen prints. They are raw and dirty and full of beautiful mistakes. Working in a very digital style and workflow, I found that I really loved the rawness and I fell in love with the happy accidents of this print run.
Instead of throwing them away or archiving the results, I decided to honour my experiment and exploration by photographing them and putting them online in my webshop.
Spoiler alert - the solutions to my issues weren't solved by the things I researched in these tests. Not at all. But they did set something important in motion. Because luckily, during later tests, I found what I was looking for, so these raster tests were a very important part of all the screen prints to come!
Screen printed on A2 (594mm x 420mm) 250 g/m2 Biotop paper
Various editions per color (1-4). Some more colours available upon request
Shipping within 3 days - Price is excluding shipping costs and frame