Ivory & Sienna
On Acrylic
→ € 400

I have been working on the translation from my digital art to physical work since 2019. In my CGI work I always have been fascinated by the suggestion of dimension by using a color gradient. A circle becomes a sphere, by just adding a gradient of a color tones. Also the use of semi transparant materials was something I was intruigued by, which soon led to an obsession with the material. The blurs that are created by this material and their suggestion of merging objects & colors became key in my visual research.

At some point the physical world was calling me, and I stepped outside the digital realm. It all started with learning to screen print. I experimented a lot to get the same soft feel from my CGI work, into the physical prints. The limitations always challenged me to dig deeper and gave me a lot of insights in how the translation to the physical world worked.
Besides printing on paper I also experimented with various surfaces and materials, such as acrylic sheet, whcih was a very obvious but important step for me. The limitations of screen rpinting also challeneged me to look for other techniques.
Along the the way I got into doing murals with spray can, a long lost love from when I was young, which sparked my interest for airbrushing. At some point I found some left over acrylic sheet and started to create gradients and simple geomtric shapes which led to these works.

This work is part of my ongoing creative process and research in the visual language I love so much. Even though I would love to keep this piece myself; it's important to let it go to, create space, mentally & physically, to take a next step in this creative journey.

Acrylic Paint on 240mm x 300mm x 20mm 100% recyled Satin Acrylic Sheet
Edition of 1 - Original Artwork
Shipping within 5 days - Price is excluding shipping costs