Faded Tubes
→ € 80

This screen print is based on a styleframe exploration I did. Sometimes, in the process of exploring a visual language you find things that don't get used by a client. In between that stuff there are some hidden gems - that is how Gem001 ended up in my portfolio.
When I started exploring screen printing again, I quickly realised that Gem001 could be a great base for a screen print! This is my first run which turned out not technically perfect - but still a piece that I very much like. The second run I did with this design is the Neon Pink version; in that version I explored different lighting and a different background.

Please note that the paper size is 594 x 420 - but the printed area is 564 x 390. So the printed area has a white border of 15 mm around it.
Screen printed on A2 (594mm x 420mm) 250 g/m2 Biotop paper
Edition of 25
Shipping within 3 days - Price is excluding shipping costs and frame