Relativity Sculpture
→ € 300

I created this sculpture in collaboration with Coodre, based on some CGI illustrations I did quite some time ago about the theory of relativity. Time is never absolute and the speed of time is relative to the viewer and it’s speed and acceleration. A difficult thing to wrap your head around and one can easily get lost in thinking about time and how it’s just a human concept. We feel time as something linear, but it’s just our perception of it. Playing around with all those ideas and thoughts I created a series consisting of illustrations visualising the fluidity of time.

These illustrations only lived as images on the internet and as megabytes on my computer for a while. This didn’t do justice to my relation with relativity. So I started exploring screen printing, to bring my CGI illustrations to the real physical world. While working on these tactile translations of my fascinations I ran into the work of Coodre. I instantly wanted to team up with him, to surpass the limited space of the digital world and to materialise my obsession with relativity and time and translate my illustration into a real physical sculpture.

Photography by Andrea Magna -

The Box

Size: 12 cm high - Material: Casted Polyurethane Resin
Comes with screen printed box and certificates, printed at Kapitaal, Utrecht.

The Process

Coodre is a sculptor using different techniques and materials to create custom-made sculptures. He sculpted the object with a rough 3d print as starting point. His work on the sculpture added a human touch and character to the object that was born in CGI. Coodre’s great understanding of mold making and his knowledge about the materials he is working with, made this concept come to life and pushed it from a CGI illustration to a real dimensional object.

Photography: Andrea Magna -